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Enjoy Challenge, Respect, and Great Pay as a Product Manager

Do you want to enjoy:

  • Workplace Freedom?
  • A Voice in the Head Office?
  • Top Pay and Benefits?
  • A Rewarding and Challenging Position?

If so, The Fundamentals of Product Management is the book you’ve been searching for. With this comprehensive guide to this exciting and lucrative career path, the sky’s the limit!

Explore the product management lifestyle

Product managers (unlike people in other positions) must apply a full range of business skills. In this role, you’ll have the freedom to use all your marketing, technical, statistics, research, and finance expertise. You’ll work with cross-functional teams across your organization and enjoy direct access to senior executives. Best of all, you can earn higher wages as a product manager than virtually everyone else in your organization.

Many organizations consider product management a critical position on the career ladder. At General Motors, Qualtrics, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, top executives typically start their careers as product managers. However, most product managers have no formal training in the profession.

Who can benefit from this book?

To excel as a product manager, you need Dr. Dave Oventhal’s expert advice and guidance. A respected authority in the industry, he created The Fundamentals of Product Management so product managers of all experience levels can access the resources they need to succeed.

This book provides insights to both beginning and experienced product managers who want to improve their product development and marketing skills. If you manage a product team, a group of engineers, or an office of marketing professionals, you must get this game-changing book.

In this concise, easy-to-understand book, Dr. O covers the methods and concepts you need to excel as a product manager:

  • Roles – Market Researcher, Politician, Problem Solver
  • Mindsets – Curiosity, Empathy, Simplicity
  • Tools & Techniques – Product Strategy Sheets, SCAMPER, PDCA
  • Resources – A comprehensive recommended reading list for lifelong learning

You’ll even discover a comprehensive roadmap to the self-improvement journey of product management!

Becoming a great product manager takes dedication, patience, and the application of diverse skills. The Fundamentals of Product Management provides the foundational elements you need to build your skills – and your career!

Don’t sit by while others take advantage of this opportunity. Get your copy of this life-changing book today!

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