Product Management final

I am excited to announce my new eBook.

The Fundamentals of Product Management
by Dr. Dave Oventhal

The Ultimate Guide, to the Ultimate Career

In this concise, easy-to-understand book, I cover the methods and concepts needed to excel as a product manager:

  • Roles – Market Researcher, Politician, Problem Solver
  • Mindsets – Curiosity, Empathy, Simplicity
  • Tools & Techniques – Product Strategy Sheets, SCAMPER, PDCA
  • Resources – A comprehensive recommended reading list for lifelong learning

Readers will even discover a comprehensive roadmap to the self-improvement journey of product management!

Becoming a great product manager takes dedication, patience, and the application of diverse skills. The Fundamentals of Product Management provides the foundational elements for beginning and experienced product professionals to build a fulfilling and lucrative career.

  • Master the foundational elements of product management
  • Adopt actionable tools & techniques to develop and market your products
  • Build and grow professional skills for a long-term, high-income career
  • Develop a powerful product team for competitive advantages

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