Yesterday brought more daunting news that the planet is warming faster than previously thought. And unless you live in a cave, the main cause is due to mankind. These warnings have been going on since the late 1970s but we have done mostly nothing to combat potentially catastrophic changes to the planet. Hell, even the U.S. Armed Forces have noted for years that global warming is real and a massive threat to the security of the country. So what are politicians doing to prepare – uh, nothing. They would prefer to support industries that have not evolved to hold onto their positions instead of doing what is right for the country. They are more worried about getting reelected and making obscene amounts of money than doing the right thing.

At a time when both sides of the aisle need to be developing countermeasures, they would rather hold onto to archaic industries that cannot survive – sorry coal. And with the weakening of environmental laws, catastrophe is likely. But you say, hey Dave, what if the scientists are wrong? Who cares if they are wrong, the question is, what if they are right? Did we do nothing as we feared the USSR would attack during the Cold War? No, we built massive amounts of bombs, nuclear shelters, and all sorts of methods to prepare for a potential attack. Guess what, the Soviets were not as strong as we thought, and politics won out over conflict. We need to use the same mindset as we deal with global warming and the weakening of the US.

But guess what, until we start doing something ourselves, the politicians will do nothing but deny. They are more worried about themselves than the country. For those who feel global warming is a myth, they can still do something to combat it, while keeping their egos intact. As China and India will soon overtake us in terms of technology and science, and all other sorts of industry to dominate the next century, the US needs to wake up and realize the good ole days are behind us. We have to get back to our roots.

A powerful national policy to combat global warming can ensure the next generations live in a clean and safe world, with excellent jobs and a continued level of prosperity. The US desperately needs a national policy to fix the crumbling infrastructure within the country and reform education. Why not use this as a great way to “sneak in” plans to combat global warming and invent new sources of power to move beyond fossil fuels? When the US faced massive challenges in the past, we rallied and did what was needed and came out stronger. We provided a great example for the rest of the world.

We cannot outsource our technology and science and future to other countries. We cannot close our borders and stop the world’s best from wanting to come to America. We must ensure our future is developed inside our borders. This can only be accomplished with a massive improvement in education, basic research, and a willingness to accept short-term pain for long-term survival. We cannot keep doing the same things and expect different results. Throughout history great empires fall, and unfortunately the US is on this path, not to mention the entire planet due to climate change (if the terms “global warming” is a key issue to getting people to wake-up, then let’s stop using it).

So how about we raise the gas tax and income tax for the wealthy? How about we freeze increases in military spending? How about we stop providing incentives to archaic industries that do not evolve? I am not an economist, so I will leave the details to them. But we must do something and it must start with every single person in the US. We all must take responsibility to develop new ideas and solutions to improve the world around us. Take a look at Singapore and China – they are setting the foundation for long-term growth and success, while we demonize scientists, push out immigrants, and prepare our children for the wrong future.

The US is stuck in petty squabbles, hiding our head in the sand, idolizing Wall Street, and a fascination with celebrities rather than scientists. And on top of this, we are becoming weak. Not militarily, but as people. We do not value hard work and patience to achieve things. We would rather stare at our phones and watch mindless videos. Yes, this sounds like a grumbling old man, but this is the truth. There are some bright spots, but overall our future is not looking good. Sacrifice, hard work, education, and science is what made this country great. We have to get back to our roots.

Yesterday economist Paul Romer won the Nobel Prize. Romer’s work is centered on new ideas – developed through technology, patents, and competition – for sustainable long-term economic growth.  His “endogenous growth theory” is about the power of people and their ideas. As Romer said, “the more we know, the easier it is to discover.” As Romer states (and I fully agree), many of the world’s most pressing problems can be solved quickly with strong policies, that “champion research and development, pay people for good ideas, provide decent education for all, and maintain well-regulated, competitive markets for goods and services.” Sounds like the formula that got us here.

What the US did during and after WWII was anything but miraculous. In a little over four years, we created new industries, developed the Manhattan Project, and instituted the Marshall Plan. These were massive undertakings which we did quickly. It was hard, but we did it. We sacrificed for the betterment of everyone.

So it is time to act and push our politicians to do something, NOW. Not later, NOW. There is no time to waste. Every one of us needs to step forward and help. My small part will be to help educate individuals and organizations on how to develop new ideas and innovative solutions. The rest of my time on this globe will be to ensure the next generations are continuously improving the world around them and becoming better global citizens. So ignore all the negativity and hate. There is so much good going on, we need to focus on that and start innovating. The challenge is now, what will you do?